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Doesn't time fly. I had promised to update this blog more frequently but before I knew it it had been a few weeks. Well I've got a heap of stuff to share, so grab a drink, sit back & relax.

First up I need help. Uni has restarted and I just can't get motivated enough to get going on any of the assignments that are due. I'm finding myself so easily distracted. I have a big essay due next week so I really have to cranking.....but I keep wanting to sew!!!!!

A few weeks ago we had an all day scrapbooking crop for Ronnie's hens day/night. We started at 10am & finished sometime after 10pm. I had had night shift the previous night but I managed to stay awake for 42hrs. I didn't feel like scrapbooking and was going to digi scrap but then I thought 'what the heck I'll be a rebel' and ended spending the day creating my very first Ruby Doll. This is a free pattern that the very talented Jhoanna Monte Arenaz has designed and provides on her blog. Have a look at her.... isn't she pretty.

I had so much fun sewing all the beads and trim onto her. I have nearly finished another one in a blue and green colourway which I will share with you. They are very addictive. If you want to have a look at some other versions people have made check this out.

Here is a dotee ATC that I made for a swap on swap-bot This little item should have arrived in the USA by now.

I really love the orangey pink against the teal background.

This gorgeous duo also arrived in the mail last week for me.

They were made for me by the lovely and talented Niss after I was flaked on in a mummy & baby dotee doll swap. Niss kindly agreed to be my angel and I think she has done a wonderful job. Thankyou so much Miss Niss, I love them both and have them hanging up in my studio.

I also received one of Dot Cristian's Amelia dolls in the mail this week.

I have long admired Dot's work and unfortunately she has closed her blog so can't provide a link to it here for you. It is such a shame as she does some amazing art which is very inspiring. Dot sells these dolls on etsy. If you haven't looked there please go there is such wonderful and creative stuff to buy or just look at to gain inspiration. I love the colours and all the beadwork on this doll ans she now takes pride of place on a shelf in my studio.

I was also lucky as Dot also sent me a dotee doll kit (she also sells these on etsy). Love the colours, beads and charms she has included. I am looking forward to making a Dot version of the dotee doll.

Now some of you may know that I used to have a stitchery design business. It was starting to generate some success and had shops locally & in NSW stocking my products. Unfortunately I wasn't able to give it the attention I would have liked due to work and family commitments and of course Uni this year, so ended up closing it. However, the plan is to relaunch it next year (when I've finished this course) under a new name with a new website. I have been steadily working on some new designs (when time has permitted) and here is a sneak peek of my latest design which will end up being a small quilt. The stitchery is redwork and I'm planning to team it with some pale blues and all sorts of 3D embellishments.

Another project I have been working on is creating some small siftie dolls based on the japanese Kokeshi dolls. I really would like to have a go seling these on etsy. Here is the first version I created on the weekend. I haven't completed all the embellishments as I'm not sure if I'm happy with the overall shape. I'm thinking of making her head just a bit bigger so you can see more of the fabric that it's made out of. What do you think? Am I stark raving mad and should just quit while I'm ahead? Please let me know your thoughts.

I have also acquired a new toy which arrived in the mail this morning.

I am such a gadget geek but I really need this item this time (really I do). It is a PDA and with everything going on in this house, work, uni, kids, etc I was starting to feel like my brain was going to explode as I tried to remember dates etc. Now I realise that diaries have been around for ages and people use them all the time. Believe me I have tried to use one, but keep forgetting to write stuff down in it. I really think that as I love gadgets that I would be more inclined to use this as opposed to a paper diary and it also does alot more. You can buy add ons programs that organise your budget, keep track of your diet & exercise (which is handy as I'm in the process of ridding my body of the excess weight I've gained this year), write shopping lists etc. Now I just have to wait for it to charge up so I can start playing with it. I hope it's easy to use. I may love technology but I hate it when it doesn't work easily.

Well that's all for now, Kiara has to get to dancing and Brady has to get to work.
T xx