Meet Our New Baby.........

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Meet our little labrador puppy 'Lockyer', (yes I know the name's not the best but Mark named him and it is his dog.... we call him 'Locky'). He is 8 weeks old and we picked him up on Friday night from Kym at Barkooli Labrador Breeders. Mark has wanted a labrador for as long as I've known him so I thought I'd surprise him. It's been about 16 weeks of secret emails, talks with the kids etc. Everyone we work with knew of the surprise so it was so good that we all managed to keep it a secret for so long.

Well Mark's reaction when he first saw him made it, and the expense all worthwhile. He actually cried.... which was so heart warming. He has fallen in love with him right away.... as have the kids and I.

Locky is a bit of a sook, especially when he's being scolded for trying to chew on my craft basket or coffee table. We've had a few wee & poo accidents, but otherwise he seems to be fitting in really well. Fitting in! He is ruling the house. It is so like having a new human baby in the house.

That's all for now.

BLOG CHALLENGE #5 - Sweet or Savoury

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Sweet or Savoury? Good question. I would say that I love a little bit of both. If it's that time of the month or if I've just eaten a spicy curry, I always crave choclate.... expecially top deck from Cadburys. If it's just for a treat or a pick me if I've had a bad day the potato chips are the things I need. Especially Smith's Chicken or Salt n' Vinegar chips.... I don't like the thins or ruffles just the classis cut ones.

Of course I know that I shouldn't really eat any of these things but you can't be good all the time right? Wouldn't be so bad if I could just stop at a few pieces of chocolate or some of the bag of chips but I usually start eating it and then end up eating the whole lot!!!!!

BLOG CHALLENGE #4 - what's in my handbag

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I am so far behind posting these challenges which is pretty silly as I'm the one setting them. My handbag is usually either a red leather backpack or a brown leather backpack. I prefer these as I am able to have my hands completely free when out & about.

My bag usually has my wallet, phone, lipgloss, navman, nintendo DS lite, ipod,(I am such a gadget junkie!!!) pens, carkeys, hospital ID & drug & locker keys,and some payslips.

I have a heap of handbags, at last count there was 25 but don't use them hardly ever. I usually buy them just because I like them. Some are practical and some are funky and some I have no idea why I bought them but can't part with them.

At the moment with uni, I am lugging a big black briefcase/laptop case to work with me everyday. It's not very pretty but it holds documents, textbooks and laptop ....can't wait for this course to be over.