Some New Dotee Dolls

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Well I've been busy making some new dotee dolls.  They are just so addictive and so fast to make so they are really good therapy when I'm a bit stressed.

 IMG_3422 IMG_3423

This is a fairy dotee I've made for a swap-bot swap.

Below is a close up of the bead detail on her head (this is my favourite part of making these dolls)


I've also made a dotee for another swapbot swap.... 'a dotee for my daughter'.  My partners daughter gave me a complicated list of likes including:- monkeys; crazy patterns; chopsticks & the letter 'M'.  So This is what I came up with.  I hope she likes it.  It's going in the post to a place called Dry Ridge in the USA.


I hope she likes this little monkey dotee.


I started to make this dotee for my sister-in-law but have fallen in love with the colour combo so am keeping this for me and will make her a purple on as she loves that colour.


I started to then get a bit creative and experimented with my own shape of doll.  Below is an eggy-doll that I created.


I love the shape of this doll and had fun sewing the beads around the perimeter.

And big new this week is that my son, Brady started work at McDonalds.  he really enjoyed it and has been rostered on for a few shifts this week already.  He's really looking forward to having his own money although the rule is that he has to save half of his pay each week.


He hates having his photo taken so I was pretty lucky to get this shot of him in his uniform. (Now I'm starting to feel old).

Well that's all from me at the moment.

BLOG CHALLENGE WEEK 3 - "when I was a little girl I couldn't wait to grow up so..."

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When I was a little girl I remember watching my two Aunties who were in their 20s getting dressed for work everyday when I was staying with my grandparents. I used to watch them putting on their makeup and perfume. Betty, was an Avis renta car girl and looked very sophisticated in her uniform & Cathy was a nurse. I used to love the smell of the cosmetics and couldn't wait to be old enough to own some for myself. I rember thinking how glamorous it all seemed. Well i am a grown up now and yes I do where makeup most days. I never go out with out some makeup on, however I don't apply eye shadow & eyeliner. Just some foundation, blusher, mascara, and lip gloss. I still love the smell of cosmetics though.
Well that's my answer for this challenge this week.

Calendar Wallpaper

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At SBC the lovely Carole Janson has a monthly calendar page challenge going.  I thought I'd take it a step further and create a digi calendar layout that I could have on my laptop as the wallpaper.  I plan to make a new one each month.


I'm pretty happy with it.  I've used elements by Vera Lim, Tracey Ann Robinson, Melissa Rose and Audrey Neale.

I've mainly spent this week getting uni stuff sorted out.  After having a mini breakdown last week when we got the assignments and the first weeks worth of learning I am much more calmer now.  I must admit I've been slack on my days off this week.... having trouble getting into the study. 

At swap-bot I'm in a 'dotee for my daughter' swap.  We have to make dotee dolls for our swap partners daughter based on stuff that they like.  The girl I have to make a dote for is in to highschool musical, chopsticks, monkeys, crazy patterns and the letter 'M'.   Will have to put my creative cap on to come up with something suitable.  Will post a pick when I'm done.

Well that's all from me at the moment

Terri xx

Blog Challenge Week 2:- 'What makes me laugh'

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The theme for this weeks challenge is 'what makes me laugh'.... when I set the challenge I thought it would be an easy topic.... but I'm having trouble.

WORK:- I know that may sound funny but some of the things we get up to at work really makes me belly laugh. A hospital can be a really funny place (especially if you have a warped sense of humour). Some things patients, other staff & the doctors do is just so stupid that you can't help but laugh. I have a lot of fun at work and have a great laugh most days I'm there.

PIPER (my niece):- She is 3 years old and some of the things she says, thoughts she has and the faces she pulls are just so cute & funny.

KIARA (my daughter):- She is 10 years old and has her own opinions and thoughts about the way the world works. She says some of the strangest things about certain subjects but is so adamant that what she's saying is indeed fact... I can't help but laugh.... although it gets hard sometimes not to laugh in front of her.

FRIENDS:- Hanging out with friends can make you laugh. It's always fun to have a good giggle with friends.

SCOTT (my brother):- Always end up laughing whenever I spend time with him. He is so funny..... especially when he's hanging s..t on our mum. She thinks he's being serious which makes it even funnier. He is also good at sending people up. He was hypnotised at a show once and the video of that is just the funniest thing I've ever seen.

JASPER (my budgie):- He thinks he's a bat. We always finding him hanging upside down on his perch. he also fights with his swing. It's funny to watch him try to push it out of the road and then have to duck when it swings back so it won't hit him & knock him of his perch.

WILL SMITH:- I love him and think he's gorgeous. I really enjoy watching interviews that he gives as he is just so naturally funny.... always makes me smile & laugh.

MUSIC:- When I hear certain songs it reminds me of my teenage years and what we got up to.... that always makes me laugh. We had so much fun as kids but didn't realise just how lucky we were at the time.

That's about it for now as I've got to go and study. I think when you're older your study ethics change.... I know I never was this dedicated when I was a young, fulltime uni student. It's quite ironic really, I'm studying the anatomy of the brain and end up with a headached after doing so.

That's me done for now.