2 posts in one day - OMG!!!

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Well I've gone from being the world's worst blogger to haveing two posts in one day. I've just finished my March calendar page for the lovely Carole Janson's challenge at SBC. I've still got to do the January & February one to catch up.

I went to use my Cricut Design Studio but it kept wanting me to reformat it. Very frustrating. Have emailed customer support so suppose I'll just have to wait for a reply from them. Like I said in my 'favourite things' post.... I love technology but hate it when it stuffs up.

Went into SBC and paid the balance of my retreat money.... now just have to concentrate on saving spending money for the retreat. Got to say hello to Katie, Ang, Leisa & Kerrie. Also picked up my clear acrylic album. I think I'll work on this at the retreat. Just need to think of a theme for it. Also bought some Kaiser craft felt borders.

Here is the large dotee doll I made to sit on my sofa. Was fun to make a big version.

Have to run Kiara needs collecting from dance class.

Digi Layout - {LOVE}

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I thought I'd have some fun and play around with a different style of scrapping. It is still a digi layout though but a bit more funky than I usually do. This photo of my Dh & I was taken last week on our mini break in Caloundra. Not too bad a shot as my 10yr old daughter took it.

CREDITS:- TraceyAnn Robinso; Debra Tope; Corina Neilson; Gypsy Chick, Dielle Designs; Michelle Bowley and Tara Dunstan. Layout created using Adobe Photoshop 7.

Hope you like it.

New Digi Layout - 'KIKI'

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Here is a new digi layout I worked on this afternoon. It is of my daughter Kiara who is called Kiki by all her dancing friends.

Credits:- Vicki Stegall; Vera Lim; Melissa Rose; Sue Cummins; Dielle Designs; Corinne Neilson; Cristina Renee; and Jen Wilson. Layout done using Photoshop 7.

Blog Challenge Week 1:- Favourite Things

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I started a weekly blog challenge at SBC to get us all motivated to update our blogs. This weeks theme is..... Favourite Things. My favourite things are:-

To Relax:- Reading, Stitching, Scrapping. I really love when I have the house to myself on a Saturday morning and I can watch back to back craft shows while I stitch.

Space:- I love my craft room.... it is my sanctuary. It is now just the way I want it to be. I have a TV & DVD in there. I can sew, design, scrap, draw & paint, or sit at the computer and look at craft sites or blogs on the web to my hearts content. Sometimes I just come in here if I'm stressed and sit and I am instantly calm.

Threads, Ribbons, Buttons and Fabrics:- It may seem silly but a pile of these things to me is like a kid getting a big bag of lollies. I've collected so much of this over the years that now when I have an idea or see something I want to make I can start the project right away as I have it all at hand. I just love the colours, the textures, the way it all looks in glass jars on my shelves. Yummy!!!

My Ipod, Laptop, Graphics Tablet, Nintendo DS & my Navman:- I am such a techno junkie. I love gadgets. I often look in places like WOW & JB Hifi to see what new stuff is out there. Of course I hate it when technology mucks up.

Rocky Road Overload Ice Cream:- I know it's not healthy but that is just the best ice cream. I don't have it that often but when I do I DO NOT share it with anyone!!!

Getting my nails done:- Now I don't actually enjoy sitting there while the lady does my acrylic nails but I love having nice nails. It is really the only beauty indulgence I partake in on a regular basis.

Dotee Dolls:- These are becoming my new obsession. They are so cute and so easy to make. Each one ends up with it's own little personality. It's amazing how playing with beads and fabrics can make you feel so happy.

That's about all I can think of for now.

Back from Mini Holiday

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Hi everyone. Well we just spent a lovely three nights in Caloundra. We stayed in a cabin at a little caravan park that had it's own toilet & shower, was right on the water & had a BBQ at the front door. It was such so nice to get away with the kids for a few days. Kiara was funny. As soon as we got there she set her bed up on the top bunk, laid out her sleeping bag, put her Hello Kitty rug on top, her pillow and her teddy bear. We spent some time out in the boat.... I'm so sunburnt despite putting sunblock on. We also went to the air museum which was interesting. Mark and the kids did a bit of fishing and I had some time to relax and read a book.

This is a picture of the kids taken at the lookout at Caloundra.

Photo taken at the Queensland Air Museum..... the kids loved it.

I took my laptop & external hard drive and was able to do some digi-scrapping as well. I've decided to get serious about losing weight and have decided to make a digi-scrapping diary. This is the first page stating the goal weight I will be losing. I'm not sure if I like the page or not (as was tired when I did it), so I may even redo it. One of the things I like about digi-scrapping is that if you don't like the L/O you can start again and haven't wasted any products.

That's it for now. I've started a blog theme challenge with some girls from SBC. This weeks theme is..... my favourite. I'll put that post up hopefully tomorrow.

Valentines Day!!!!!

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These are the beautiful flowers my husband surprised me with this morning. Mark is not the most romantic man but every now and then he does surprise me. I felt a bid bad as we don't normally worry about Valentines Day as my birthday is only two days before, so I didn't get him anything this year.

Speaking of birthdays, I had a nice time despite the fact I had to work. One of my friends at work brought in a yummy coffee cream cake which I had to break the diet for (....it's not an excuse really.... she would have been insulted if I didn't have a piece), Mark gave me a nintendo ds lite that I wanted and some money that I'm not sure if I'll spend it at Scrapbook City, buy fabric or buy more Pandora beads. Mum & Dad sent me money so I could get more beads for my bracelet which I got today. I got a cute little teapot, a mobile phone and a cupcake with a cubic zirconia on the top as well as another aqua coloured murano glass bead. Sorry no photos as it keeps getting lens flare when I tried to take a photo. I'll put up a photo when I work out how to avoid that. The kids got me a CD and I'm pretty sure my brother & sister-in-law have also got me beads for my bracelet.

My Dotee Doll obsession has kicked off in a big way. They are just so addictive. I only discovered them on Friday night but since then have now made 6 of the little girls. Two are for a swap I signed up for at swap-bot.com they are so cute.

I have these sitting on a table in my lounge room and they look so cute. I think I'll need to get a bigger bowl to put them in though. I'm planning on making a really big one to match the colour of my lounge room so it can sit on the sofa amongst my scatter cushions.

My son Brady got his first job. He will be working at McDonalds afterschool. He has orientation next Saturday. He is so looking forward to getting some money of his own. They just grow up so fast don't they. I'll have to get some photos in his uniform when he gets..... he'll protest I'm sure, but I'll get them anyway.

That's about it for now..... have to get Kiara of to dance class.

Dotee Dolls

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While browsing through various blogs at work last night I stumbled across this site where the lady, Dot (who is Austalian) has designed this free little doll pattern that is fast becoming an addiction for heaps of people. People are making these and swapping them with other people all over the world.

I'm going to have ago at making some of these. I've already got heaps of fabric, felt, beads etc in my craft room already. And as always when I get addicted to something I've gone ahead and joined a fairy dotee swap. I found this great site www.swap-bot.com where you can search for and sign up for all sorts of swaps. I haven't checked if there is any scrapping swaps as was son engrossed looking at dotee dolls.

Well I have now been awake for 30hours as got up at 05.30hrs yesterday and couldn't sleep and then did night shift. I then couldn't go straight to sleep as had to take the kids to their fathers and then I got all excited about starting to make dotees so have spent the morning sorting out all my beads, charms, fabrics etc so I can start making one tonight at work.

Until next time.

Welcome to my new blog

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Hi and welcome to my new blog. Now you may be wondering why it is called "T is for Teeyore". The answer is that a few years ago, after we had been out for a family dinner my 3 year old niece yelled out to me 'Bye auntie Teeyore!'. She was obviously having trouble saying Terri and the name has stuck as a bit of a nickname. I also tend to use it as my username on forum boards.

For a little bit about me..... I am a nurse on a neuro & ortho ward and also work parttime as a hospital bed manager, sometimes I am the staffing manager and will also be after hours hospital coordinator when they need leave relief. This year, I am also going to be a Uni student. The hospital is paying for me to do my Graduate Certificate in neurosurgical Nursing through RMIT in Melbourne. It's all due to start in March and I am getting nervous as the time fast approaches. Just not sure how I will juggle everything.

I love scrapbooking. I have met some wonderful people and made some good friends through the world of scrapping. I have been getting more immersed in the world of digital scrapbooking. I think it makes more sense economically as the kits you buy can be reused time and again and also be altered to create many differing looks. With hybrid Scrapping (combination of paper & digi scrapping), I've made some lovely projects and presents for family and friends.

Stitcheries and quilting is another love of mine. I started a design business last year but with the increasing workload at the hospital and the kids haven't been able to get it where I want it. I had grand plans to relaujnch it this year but now I'm at Univeristy may have to put it on hold until the end of the year.

My husband is a security officer at the hospital. My daughter is very involved in dancing and is at the studio 4 nights a week (as she's only 10 I have to be up at the studio a lot as well). My son is a SES cadet and hopefully will get a partime job soon (more running around for me).

Now I have been known to be a pretty bad blogger, but I am planning on changing this. For this reason I wanted to start afresh with a brand new blog. I'm not promising to update daily but am going to aim for at least a weekly update. I hope you check back from time to time and please leave you blog details so I can have a look at yours. I love looking at other people's blogs.

Till next time.