It paid off!!!!!!

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Well after putting in a heap of study time (and sacrificing any scrapbooking & sewing time), I was really pleased to find out that I got 82% in the end of semester neurological exam. I'm so happy and glad that I put the time into doing the study. But now we have a four week break so I am planning to get stuck into my sewing. I have a few dotee doll swaps that I have to get done. I am also working a quilt design using the amy butler fabrics I bought off etsy a while back.

Even though I had to study, I managed to get away and go to a crop for Jen's Birthday. I decided to digi scrap as it was easier to just pack up my laptop, external harddrive and graphics tablet instead of trying to decide what to take from my scrapping stash. We had been at an eisteddford the previous weekend and I was able to take some beautiful photos of my daughter that I used to scrap.

I also used a photo of Lockyer when we first got him.... he's a fair bit bigger now.

I'm still tired from the weekend. A few of us from work flew down and back to Sydney for a neuro conference on Saturday. It was really good and I learnt a great deal but doing it all in one day made it an 18hr day with a 3am start so I was completely exhausted. Luckily I didn't have to work Sunday.... I don't think I would have been able to.

That's all from me for now, Kiara has a dress up day at school so I need to go and get her pirate costume all sorted out.

Take Care,

Sorry for the absence!!!

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I can't believe that it has been a whole month since I posted here. Time has just flown by. I've been so busy with work and uni that I have had no time to be creative at all. My boss is away for 7 weeks and Matt & I are job sharing the managers role and I'm still doing the hospital bed manager's job as well. We've been at it for 3 weeks so far and it has been the longest and most difficult three weeks ever. I have acted in the manager's role for extended periods before but this time it has been so hard. We have some newish staff that are just not coming up to speed and what they think they can get away with had been very frustrating and perplexing at times. Unfortunately we've had to start disciplinary action with one and performance managing three others....not nice but has to be done and just takes it out of you emotionally as well.

Uni is starting to come to a head. We've got just under 3 weeks until our final 3hr exam for this semester. I haven't done a 3 hr exam for about 15 yrs so am getting a bit stressed about it all. I have just finished a 4500 word take home exam and need to list the 47 references I've used before I email it to the lecturer this week...then I need to knuckle done and study hard. I received 2 of my marks back this week. I got 75% for my case study and 74% for the critical literature review...I'm really happy with these marks.... but I am soooo looking forwrad to a few weeks off before next semester.

Since I've been so busy I haven't had anytime to be creative (which is killing me). I find myself daydreaming about beads and buttons, designs and redoing my craft room (yet again!!!). So since I haven't made anything I've had to be content with buying some stuff for when I get the time. I've bought some beautiful fabrics of etsy and found a site in the USA that sells this gorgeous tiny buttons (had a bit of a spend up there). As I'm not using my computer I haven't got the photos to post here but will try sometime this week. I so wanted to only do posts with photos but just can't do that tonight.

Mark is still on crutches..........which he is finding really frustrating and I severely strained the major muscle attached to my hip a few weeks ago while dancing at a friends wedding so have been having trouble walking (we look like such a great couple at the moment). Lockyer our new labrador is getting bigger everyday and has managed to eat his dog beds, the other dogs bed, the cord of Brady's air hockey table and the mat out the backdoor. He's tried to steal a few dotee dolls out of my basket but I've been able to save them in the nick of time. He is still cute, just destructive. We start puppy school on Tuesday so we'll see how he goes learning to behave.

Until next time,

Terri xx