The Big Sing and Big Assignment

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Well it's been a funny old time since we lost our dog Benson the other week (see last post). I still get sad when I think about him but it is getting easier. My other dog Mischka continues to be spoilt. Turns out she is fully housetrained. We've had her for 9 years and never thought she was. So we have been having her inside with us more and more. Locky (our labrador puppy) has really got his nose out of joint about it though. It's just like having two naughty kids fighting at times. The only problem is Mischka is so small and Locky is so big, so when she runs under the cofee table he tries to follow her and everything ends up getting knocked over.

Here's a photo of Kiara nd Mischka having a smooch. She is such a loveable little puppy and Kiara is treating her like a little baby.

The flu bug has hit our house this past week. Kiara was the first. It hit her pretty hard and she had most of last week off school. Her friend Maddy was also quite sick with it as well. I felt so sorry for them as they had their big dance exams on Thurdsay. They both felt they went pretty good....we get the final results next month.

I was next to get it and it has made me pretty sick as well. Unfortunately as I am doing the bed manager's position for the next few weeks fulltime as the girl I job share it with is on leave, I had to still go to work (noone else knows how to do the job). Luckily it wasn't too busy as I just have not had any energy at all. At least I wasn't working on the ward....It's too hard to look after sick people when you feel sick yourself.

Even though I've been sick I still managed to get my last big uni assignment completed...just emailed it to the lecturer just now. Only one presentation and one big 3 hour exam to go. 24 more days and then I will be free!!!!! I can't wait. I have so many craft projects in various stages of production that I want to get finished and a whole heap more designs in my head to make. I also want to alter my Amika dolls a little bit. And I have a heap of sewing etc to get done for Christmas presents. No photos to post however as everything is not finished as yet.

Today I was determined not to miss out on the BIG SING, so I forced myself out of bed and am so glad that I did. The BIG SING is a day of music workshops in which a heap of choirs get together with a few conductors and learn new songs and then put on a concert at the end of the day. It was incredibly hard work but so much fun. We had to learn about 8 songs, some quie complex with 6 part harmonies. We sang no stop for 6 hrs and I just couldn't believe how we managed to learn everything and the perform them in only 6 hrs. I haven't done anything like that since I used to go to music camp at school. I can't wait until next year.

That's it for me for now.
T xx


Linda said...

hi Terri So glad you are going to join in with Pay It Forward! You will need to send me your address but there is no hurry as I daresay I won't be getting my gifts made until after xmas! thanks again