Blog Award

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I forgot yesterday when I updated this blog that the lovely Katie Howard had nominated me for a blog award. I feel very honoured. So to receive the award I have to nominate five people, so here goes:-
Niss - you know that I also love seeing what creative exploit you are up to

Ronnie - Your scrapbooking layouts are just fantastic

Sandra - You are such a creative soul and a lovely person to boot.

Dot - you are the reason I got back into fabric crafts....your work is just gorgeous

Sorry I could only think of four people....bit late in the day for me.

So now people who have won an award are able to put this award on their blog, nominate 5 people to receive an award and the links to their blogs and also a link to my blog. You also need to leave a message on their blogs that they have been nominated for this award.

Terri xx