Flowers and Some Sewing

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Last week was my first wedding anniversary. Yes, Mark and I eloped last September to Long Island in the Whitsunday's and got married. We then spent a wonderful10 days on the island and at Airlie Beach. I love it up there, it is just so beautiful. If we could we'd move up there in a heartbeat. Hopefully we'll get to take the kids up there next year.

I was very spoilt and received some beautiful roses, a card and a willow tree figurine. Aren't the roses just beautiful? He isn't much of a flower buyer so I was really surprised.

This is the beautiful card he gave me. Doesn't it look like a scrapbook layout?

On the sewing front, I have been having a lot of fun. I haven't sewn anything that wasn't my own design for a couple of years so have had fun sewing from patterns. I've been getting up early and going into my craft studio before anyone else wakes up and having a lovely time locked away in there by myself.

This is a chair caddy I made using a free pattern from Helen from Hugs n' Kisses. She has started a wonderful project called a Stitcher's Angel. It was set up as a swap where prominent designers designed free projects for people to use, you could join as a swap member or just use the available free patterns. The patterns so far have been lovely and include pin cushions, totes and a scissor keeper. You should go and have a look. There is also a link to the flikr group and it is interesting to see everyone's interpretation on the pattern.

I would have loved to have been a part of the swap but just didn't have the time. So I made this arm chair caddy using the free pattern, but added my own stitchery to it. I also added a thread catcher to the design that can be removed if needed. I used some lovely Heather bailey fabric as well as red and aqua polka-dot fabric I had in my stash.

I just love it and it is very handy to have all my threads etc at hand while I am stitching.

I am also working on a new stitchery quilt design using some very pretty and girly fabrics I bought off etsy. I've been enjoying doing this stitchery. Here it is with the design drawn on one of the blocks just before I started stitching it. I'll post some more photos when I've stitched some more.

I have a week off work and although I need to get on top of my uni work (can't believe there is only nine weeks to go). I am planning on catching up with friends, sewing, tidying up around the house and enjoying having time to myself to do whatever I want to do. Mark will be working and the kids have gone to Cairns for a holiday with their Dad, so I will have the house to myself. Yippee!! It will be bliss.

Well I have to run and take my dog Benson to the vet. He is a 14 year old shitzu-pomeranian cross who has a rather nasty lump on his back paw. It has been there for a while but has been very small. I just noticed yesterday that it is now the size of an egg and looks very vascular and is starting to spread his toes apart (do dog's have toes?). So I hope it isn't anything too serious. He's a bit of a pain as he has never been a very affectionate dog, barks alot, is deaf and incontinent, but I still love him and wouldn't like anything to happen to him.

Terri xx


Dot said...

Hi Terri

Great to read a long catch up post from you.Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary too! Sounds like your wedding last year was perfect.

And the roses and card Mark gave you this year are lovely.

The chair caddy is lovely! What a great idea. And you always use such beautiful fabrics too.

The new quilt looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing more photo's as you profress with it. Isn't etsy the best place for fabric?

Hope Benson is OK and that you enjoy your time to yourself this week.

Dot xx

Katie said...

Wow has it been a year already! I have kept saying this year is going way to fast! Love the new design on your blog, and I think I am going to have to try one of those hot chocs for sure!!