More Dolls for Sale

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Well I've finished another few Amika dolls to sell in my etsy shop. I just love making these little dolls.
Amika Doll No.2

Amika Doll No.3

Amika Doll No.4

Here's a closeup of the beading detail I did on this little doll.

I find it very relaxing....although this time I spilt the whole container of these tiny seed beads on the floor and spent ages picking them all up before the dog ate them.

I spent a lovely morning yesterday with all the girls at work at a little patissrie in New Farm. Michelle is one of my co-workers who has successfully fought breast cancer twice. A couple of years ago her fight resulted in her having a mastectomy. She has been saving since then to have breast reconstruction surgery and is scheduled to have the procedure this Thursday. Because she will be off work for a few motnhs we went out to celebrate. I took my camera with me but as I had just finished night shift was a bit scattered and forgot all about don't have any photos.

I ordered an italian hot chocolate (I don't drink tea or coffee). I had never had one before so wasn't sure what it would be like, I thought it would be like every oother type of hot chocolate. Well it wasn't. It was a cup of the thickest, yummiest chocolate I had ever much for my low carb diet...must have had about a months worth of carbs in it. It was so thick I couldn't drink it. I had to eat it with a spoon. Here is a picture I got of the net so you can see just how thick they are.

It was nice to get together with everyone away from the hospital....and we all get on so well. Michelle was very excited to receive the bag, nightie and robe we all had bought her. I also gave her a special pink dotee doll to take to hospital for goodluck.

Well I have to run....have uni work I keep putting off to go through.

T xx


Ronnie said...

Hi Terri,

Loving the dolls!! Anytime you want to go and get another one of those hot chocs you just let me know!!

You have been tagged too, check out my blog to see.

Dot said...

Hi Terri
You are on a roll with your Amika dolls! And are doing a wonderfuk job!

I have done the same thing with seed beads and it is very hard picking them up from carpet isn't it?

Your morning with the girls at work sounds lovely. I will keep your friend Michelle in my thoughts. She sounds like a very brave and inspirational woman.

And the Italian hot chocolate sounds delicous! I am a big hot chocolate fan. It is good to have a treat every now and then!