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In a previous post I mentioned that I was designing a softie doll based on the Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Well I have finally perfected a version that I am really happy with. I call them Amkia Dolls. Amika is a japanese name which means bright & beautiful, which I believe these dolls to be. I have finally opened up my new etsy shop.....t is for teeyore. See it here. There is only the one doll for sale at the moment but she has 5 sisters almost ready to go on sale, just finishing the embellishing on them.

This is the original Amika doll that I made....I'm not selling this one as she has very special importance to me.

This is the first one I have for sale in my etsy shop.
Amika Doll #1

A girl at work wanted me to make her one in soft girly colours. Not what I would usually do but I think she turned out quite pretty.

Here is the first batch of these little ladies, waiting to be sewn together and stuffed. Don't they all look yummy together?

And here they are waiting for the finishing touches....beads, buttons, trim & ribbons. This is the best part of making these little dolls. It is so relaxing sewing on the beads and other details.

I also finished another Ruby Doll. I love these little dolls.

I made this special round dotee doll as a surprise for a very special person. I really hope she likes it. I loved the brown & pinks on this fabric.

While I was sewing in my studio I looked up and saw all these pretty dolls.....and thought what a lovely view.

Here is a photo Kiara took of Lockyer. Not really immpressed that she put him in my bed..... but he does look cute doesn't he?

Well that's about it for this blog post. I have some more dolls waiting to be embellished.

T xx


Katie said...

Kiara is definitely not a puppy anymore! Wow has she grown. Loving you Amika dolls they look wonderful.

Angela said...

wow Terri, these are so inspiring to me!

Dot said...

Congratulations on your first doll design Terri! Your Amkia dolls are lovely. Beautiful design and they look like they would feel lovely in your hand.

Am sure they will be a hit :). And your fabric choices are delicious.

Your latest Ruby doll is gorgeous (where do you buy your fabrics?).

And I love your round Dotee doll. I was lucky enough to receive a round one from a lovely lady in the US. Am sure your friend will love her!

And the photo of Lockyer made me laugh!

You have been very busy my friend.

Dot xx